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The Ultimate Standing Desk Converter For Design Lovers

The Plus, an impressive design from Rocky Mountain Desks is a versatile stand up desk conversion that keeps your desk looking extra clean while enabling you to stand up and work. Is standing a working a fad? “People are interested in health and wellness and our products offer a simple and stylish way to maintain your health when you’re stuck in front of a computer all day. Sitting down for hours on end just isn’t good for you. While you probably don’t want to stand up all day, having an easy solution to get out of your chair and work is nice. There are a ton of benefits to standing even just for a few minutes at a time.”

When asked about the design she says, “I love minimalism and I’ve incorporated that into the design. So many standing desk conversions take up a good portion of your desk and don’t look aesthetically pleasing. RMD is so simple yet so versatile. Use it for laptops, keyboards, monitors and gaming. There is no assembly required so it’s much easier than say putting together Ikea furniture; we know how much fun that is. And you don’t have to replace your desk. Just take it out of the box and get back to work. It actually increases vertical space which is great for people who have small work spaces. Additionally, if you decide standing and working isn’t for you, you can use it as a shelf or anywhere you need extra space.”

 We love the modern look and the health benefits of standing and working. If you want to elevate your work space stand desks are one of the easiest ways to do so. 

Occupational Health

Why You Should Switch to a Standing Desk

Convert your traditional office desk to an adjustable standing desk for better health

Thanks to technology many of us are stuck at a desk where we sit for long hours each day. It should go without saying – long hours of sitting isn’t good for your health. Scientists have confirmed that a sedentary lifestyle, often the result of a desk job, may contribute to multiple health issues like stroke, weight gain, diabetes, cancer, thyroid issues and depression. You may not have realized it prior to reading this but scientific evidence has shown – sitting for long hours can dramatically affect your health!

Sitting for too long can be deadly

Meetings, kids, activities, social affairs – sometimes life gets busy and we may not make time for exercise or physical activity. Most people are aware of the importance of being physically active, not only for physical health but also for mental wellbeing. Invigorating your body through physical activity oxygenates the blood and burns calories, among other things. If you are spending long hours sitting at a desk and don’t have time for exercise then you have reason to be concerned. It is imperative to be proactive so that a sedentary job does not negatively impact your health. Before your prolonged desk job becomes a reason for chronic disease, you can implement changes to offset effects of sitting all day.

What should you do if your job requires hours at a time in front of a computer? Ideally you would quit and spend more time outdoors moving around like our ancestors did. Alas, when our livelihood depends on work we do at a computer quitting usually isn’t an option. So what are your options? First and foremost, get up and move throughout the day. Try not to sit for extended periods of time. Stretch your limbs and take some deep breaths to get your blood flowing. And of course one of our favorite and easiest methods of creating a healthier office environment is switching to a standing desk.

Back pain & low energy be gone!

There are many benefits that adjustable stand-up desks / standing desk conversions offer. Several studies have proven the positive effects of working while standing. Many office workers complain of back pain due to prolonged amounts of time sitting down; those who use standing desks claim a significant improvement in back pain after a few weeks. Some workers attribute improved mood, higher energy levels, greater productivity and a reduction in job related stress from standing and working. Some also experience weight loss after working in a standing position for a portion of the day. Working while standing as a part of a less sedentary life style may also reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. While you may have been sitting all day, five days a week, for years, it’s never too late to invest in a standing desk as a lifestyle change towards better health. 

What do you have to lose?

Because of increases in health insurance premiums and greater interest in employer health and productivity, businesses across the country are replacing traditional desks with standing options. If desks are not actively being replaced employers are often willing to pay for a standing desk if requested so if you are interested in one it’s a great idea to run it by your employer! Additionally, studies show that standing burns an extra 100+ calories per hour! In a few weeks that amount of calories can add up to pounds lost. 

The easiest way stand up and work?

Over the past few years many options for standing desk and standing desk converters have come to market. Here are some of the options as well as pros and cons of different types of standing desks:

Replace your desk with a fully adjustable standing desk:


  • Electric or hand crank for ease of adjusting up and down for moving from sitting to standing


  • Most expensive option
  • Not many designs available; typically lack drawers and storage space
  • Hassle to move, sell, store or get rid of old desk

Standing desk converters:


  • You don’t need to replace your desk
  • This is especially useful if your desk has drawers and storage
  • Converters are typically more affordable than buying a new desk


  • Most conversions that sit on a desktop take up a lot of work space
  • Some are not adjustable in height and the user cannot readily move from a sitting to a standing position without moving the monitor
  • Aesthetics – most converters don’t look streamlined or elegant

Rocky Mountain Desks has designed one of the best looking and most versatile standing desk converters available. A simple and modern solution, RMD is an affordable option that offers the benefits of standing and working without the draw backs of replacing your desk. The minimal design makes it one of the only solutions available that vertically increases work space and it is also one of the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing standing desk converters around.

Occupational Health

Kid size Standup desks!

The adult working world is not the only one to benefit from the current trend toward stand up desks. All across the country, schools are being outfitted with the help of local PTAs and community support. No longer are the children confined to sitting for eight hours every day, now encouraged to stand and fidget by teachers. While it does seem to improve test scores and concentration, there are still a few other questions these desks are raising.

Are they like the adult desks?

In other words, are these desks the same design but smaller? The answer is a clear no. In no way do the student standup desks resemble the adult counterparts. For one, the height differences are pretty dramatic. Where adult standing desks typically range from 27” to 47”, student desks only run from 26” to 34” for grades Kindergarten to 4th and 31” to 51” for grades 3 through 12. The higher reach can be attributed to the desk face’s size being safer to raise higher.

The other most noted difference is the design. Where office standing desks still retain the width of a sitting desk, student desks remain much smaller. There are grooves indented along either the tops or sides for pens and pencils. Most also come with the stereotypical open cubby for books and other materials. The only addition to a student desk is the footrest, designed to allow students a way to fidget without interrupting the classroom.

Do they offer the same benefits?

Current research is showing that student standup desks are giving children a better advantage in the classroom, in a similar fashion to how it is positively affecting adults. However, instead of measuring concentration and alertness, students’ test scores are speaking for themselves. Beyond this, though, teachers that have been lucky enough to get standing desks in their classrooms are noting marked differences. Where once talking, wasted bathroom trips and disturbing neighbors were a daily occurrence, standing desks have eliminated such behavior. Most believe it’s because these desks provide students with an outlet for their excess energy – energy that we lose as we hit the age where we work in office buildings.

The most notable change has been with the principals. Students they once saw on a daily basis now never show up. Some even admit to having to check the roster and make sure those students were still even enrolled. Beyond this, these desks are also proving to be a way to battle obesity early on, helping students burn up to 25% more calories each and every day they use a standing desk.

In the end, it seems standing desks are for the children. Providing them better benefits both physically and mentally during the formative years and during a time when being able to pass tests is crucial to moving up in life makes these desks a clear classroom evolution that all schools will be moving toward in time.

Occupational Health

Finding your Perfect Standup Desk Mat

Though preferred to sitting desks, standing desks are not without their vices. These desks promote standing too much, something that causes physical fatigue. Luckily, anti-fatigue mats are the answer to this problem. Designed to provide support on an otherwise unsupportive surface, these mats are yet another way to make the standing desk a viable option in the office.

The Importance of Anti-Fatigue

Physical fatigue occurs when you stand on a hard surface for too long. The muscles constrict, overworking themselves as they keep you upright, restricting blood flow, causing pain, discomfort and swelling. All of this combined can then lead to a myriad of further complications, including varicose veins and pronation.

Anti-fatigue mats are specifically designed to reduce the strain of long periods of standing. They provide a large amount of cushioning while also absorbing the usual impacts that happen as we naturally shift our weight around.

The Top Choices

Topo by Ergodriven

The Topo mat looks like something out of a sci-fi movie but don’t let that scare you off. Its peaks and valleys are specifically designed to promote natural movement while you work at your standing desk. This then encourages the subtle stretching of the tissues and joints to prevent muscle fatigue. Made from polyurethane, it is a highly cushioned surface that is easy to reposition. While this makes it great for the office, it’s not a good choice for areas that need no-slip, no-trip mats.

Premium Anti-Fatigue Mat by FoamEra

Though a kitchen mat at heart, this 100% polyurethane non-slip, no-trip mat is largely considered the perfect general anti-fatigue mat. With 3/4” thickness, it can cushion even those with more weight. In addition, the larger 39” by 20” dimensions means whoever is standing on it has a lot of room to maneuver around, freeing them from constantly having to worry about where they work.

Soft Step Supreme by Guardian

Not all anti-fatigue mats are there to provide almost a full inch of cushion. Some, like the Soft Step, are designed for places that want a little more cushion for those that are already wearing contoured shoes. This 2’ by 3’ mat is 100% commercial grade vinyl, making it much more durable than other vinyl mats on the market. Its pebble surface over a 1/2” of vinyl foam make it great for any highly trafficked areas.

Razorback Anti-Fatigue Mat by NoTrax

The Razorback is an awesome mat for those that are looking for bells and whistles as far as anti-fatigue mats go. Wide ribs along the top allow for maximum traction while their Dyna-Shield PVC sponge is used to protect the spongey mat underneath. It is 3’ by 2’ with a 1/2” thickness and withstands some of the toughest durability tests in the market today. Because of this, it is mainly recommended for medium duty work but can prove useful to anyone wanting the most extreme of anti-fatigue mats for their standing desk.

Occupational Health

Stand Desks are hot sellers during Covid-19

The fact is most of us are working from now, even now with restrictions lifting. There are projections that 70% of people will not return to an office environment anytime soon.

With many companies offering to cover the cost or supplement costs of new home office furniture, many have decided to do something for their health and get standing.

Stand desks in the work place

Companies might be thinking about the added costs of a stand desk, but what they should be considering the increased productivity. This study shows that users at a stand desk were 44% more productive –

The upfront costs might be higher but he long term benefits of employee health, productivity and happiness are clear.

If you are just starting out with a stand desk it might be a good idea to check out the CCOHS website for workplace health and safety tips while using standing desks.